Sliding Application

Drawer runners, sliding systems for furniture and furniture components


Company quality

OMGE has as primary goal to ensure the best service and product Quality.

OMGE is structured and oriented as a company, to keep improving the Quality as a whole, operating in the development and revisions of our productive process, that are growing at a faster pace, finalized to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Every phase related to the life of the product are followed and checked by OMGE, from the project to the production, without neglecting the continuous training of our workers, affecting everyone’s awareness, on the skills and on the steadiness of everyone of our staff, towards an improvement of Quality.

Every single product of OMGE is carefully examined and verified in every phase of the productive cycle as expected from the Certified quality management system from the October of 1994 following the law UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

OMGE has an own testing room in which we test repeatedly the products starting from the early prototyping stages. For particular cases, we make use of qualified external laboratories, where the products are certified by carrying out tests on the basis of specific test standards, intended for the various products categories.

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